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Complete Event List


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Formula Tech (Barbagallo Passenger Ride Day)
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Wanneroo Raceway
Wattle Avenue, Nowergup WA 6032, Australia

NOTE - Min Age for Children is once again 14

As in past years there will be a $10.00 fee for passengers. All passengers must report to the event secretary to pay their fee and sign a Passenger Indemnity Form.

Drivers may waive the fee for family and friends however they must still report to the event secretary and sign the Passenger Indemnity Form.


Entrants who have done tack days previously but are unknown to HSVOCWA officials, may have to complete a verification lap with an experienced HSVOCWA member prior to carrying passengers.


All Drivers AND Passengers MUST  wear a minimum of long legged trousers and long sleeved shirts or tops made of a non-flammable material. No person will be allowed to compete wearing clothing of nylon or similar material.
Suitable enclosed footwear is required (no thongs, sandals or high heeled boots/shoes)

Drivers AND Passengers MUST also wear a helmet which complies with AS 1698 or of a standard otherwise approved for use by FIA (and carries markings to that effect) always whilst on the circuit. Helmets should have no scratches or cracks or worn chinstraps and must be approved by the Scrutineers before use.

Full details of all the requirements for the day are in the attached Supp Regs.

COVID-19 - Important notes

It's reminded we are very lucky to be able to run this type of event, so please ensure the following is noted and done on the day

On top of the normal keeping distances and sanitising the following has to be done 

  • All participants sharing a passenger helmet will be issued a surgical/ disposable cap (head covering) to contain hair and sweat from forehead into upper section of the helmets
  • Passengers without access to a helmet will also be issued a disposable face mask to minimise and contain saliva and contact with nose/ mouth.
  • Each passenger once issued a cap and mask will be asked to utilise these for any rides and dispose of in on-site bins once completed.
  • Each car will have a hand sanitising station with each passenger requested to wash hands prior to entering the car and upon exit. This will manage and contain any cross contamination of seat belts or door handles.
  • Where possible and appropriate each owner will wipe down doors, door handles and seat belts to minimize cross contamination.
  • After each ride, the passenger helmet will be sprayed on the fabric surfaces in the helmet with Glen 20 which now has a proven record (research in the US) of killing Covid 19 corona virus outright. The helmets will be left to dry prior to re-issue or re-use.

Passengers who have their own Helmet should be encourage to bring them as there are cleaning and restrictions on the re-use of helmets. 

COVID-19 Rules

Anyone who has come into contact with someone who is sick or has flu-like symptoms are not to attend any event.

Anyone who is in a 14-day self-isolation period are not to attend any event.

We can and should enquire the circumstances of persons known to have been overseas recently. We now have compulsory self- isolating periods, which intending participants must adhere to

PLEASE DO NOT attend the event if unwell, or if there has been a risk of exposure to someone they know, who has identified as having been overseas in the past 14 days. (Compulsory self- isolation for such individuals will assist this issue, into the future


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